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The PSE Electronic Disclosure Generation Technology or PSE EDGE is a state-of-the-art, fully automated system that facilitates the efficient processing, validation, submission, distribution, and analysis of time-sensitive disclosure reports submitted to the Exchange. The new disclosure system, which was acquired from the Korea Exchange and replaces the PSE Online Disclosure System (ODiSy), is equipped with a variety of features to further standardize the disclosure reporting process of PSE’s listed companies, improve investors’ disclosure searching and viewing experience, and enhance overall issuer transparency in the market. The following disclosures can be found in PSE Edge: Company Announcements - Corporate acts, developments or events relating to the operations and business of listed companies. Financial Reports - Periodical reports containing the financial condition and results of operations of listed companies. Other Reports - Other periodic SEC and PSE reportorial requirements. Listing Notices - Listing-related announcements from the PSE Listings Department. Disclosure Notices - Disclosure-related announcements from the PSE Disclosure Department.