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Worth’s greatest stock picks of all time: lessons buying the right stock at the right time

 Format: Print  Author/s: Jones, W.R  Call Number: HG4661 .J66 2002  Publisher: Crown Business  Place of Publication: New York  Date of Publication: 2002  ISBN: 0609609319  Pages: 278  Language: English  Dimension: 25 cm  Tags: InvestmentsStocks |
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The momentum of the bull market spoiled us allbuying stock, any stock, was an almost surefire way to make a mint. Now, in a time of turbulent markets, stock picking has become a mixture of science and high art. With thousands of stocks to choose from, how can investors determine which ones will be future winners?


We all know there’s a time to buy and a time to sell every stock, but when is the right time? Timing stock buys so that you catch upward momentum is not luck, and Randy Jones shows you how to hone your buying and selling skills by striving to analyze the factors that made winners of the great stocks in the past. Why was AT&T a great stock pick in the 1920s, Polaroid a winner in the ’40s, Xerox in the ’50s, Teledyne in the ’70s, and Intel in the ’90s? The potential of these stocks was in plain sight—for those who knew how to read the signs. And perhaps as important is understanding the signs of decline and knowing when to sell.

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