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The liquidity theory of asset prices

 Format: Print  Author/s: Pepper, Gordon; Oliver, Michael J.  Call Number: HG230.3 P455 2006  Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  Place of Publication: United States  Date of Publication: 2006  ISBN: 0470027398  Pages: 163  Language: English  Dimension: 24 cm  Tags: Liquidity -- EconomicsMonetary policy |
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Professional investors are bombarded on a day to day basis with assertions about the role liquidity is playing and will play in determining prices in the financial markets. Few, if any, of the providers or recipients of such advice can truly claim to understand the well–springs of such liquidity and the transmission mechanisms through which it impacts asset prices.


This groundbreaking new book explores the belief that at the core of liquidity there is a force which exerts individuals to effect a financial transaction when they would not otherwise do so. Understanding this force of compulsion is a key to understanding a financial market when it appears to be behaving irrationally. This book will enable new and seasoned investors to develop an understanding of the factors, so that costly mistakes can be avoided without the lesson of experience.

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