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The indomitable investor: why a few succeed in the stock market when everyone else fails

 Format: Print  Author/s: Sears, Steven M.  Call Number: HG4661 .S36 2012  Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  Place of Publication: Hoboken, NJ  Date of Publication: 2012  ISBN: 9781118110348  Pages: 238  Language: English  Dimension: 24 cm  Tags: Portfolio managementRisk managementSpeculationStocks |
 About the Resource:

The Indomitable Investor deconstructs the stock market athe public has come to know it and reconstitutes it from the inside out from the perspective of the fortunate few who dominate Wall Street. By revealing how top investors and traders thinand act Steven Sears shows the stock market to be an undulating ocean of money, with seasoned investors readinthe waves others cannot.


Teaching readers to thinabout the market in radically different ways, The Indomitable Investor shows how to improve returns—and, just as importantly, avoid losses—with disciplines deployed by people who almost always do exactly the opposite of what Wall Street says to do.


Laying bare great fallacies, the book explains that non-professionainvestors wrongly thinthe stock market is a place to make money, which is what Wall Street wants them to try to do. The Indomitable Investor says otherwise and shows how Wall Street’s best investors have a completely different focus.

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