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The fix : how nations survive and thrive in a world in decline

 Format: Print  Author/s: Tepperman, Jonathan  Call Number: HD87 .T47 2016  Publisher: Tim Duggan Books  Place of Publication: New York  Date of Publication: 2016  ISBN: 9780451497314  Pages: 307  Language: English  Dimension: 25 cm  Tags: Economic policyInternational economic relationsRadicalism -- Religious aspectsSocial changeSocial movementsSocial policyWorld politics |
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We all know the bad news. The heady promise of the Arab Spring has given way to repression, civil war, and an epic refugee crisis. Economic growth is sputtering. Income inequality is risinaround the worldAnd the threat of ISIS and other extremist groups keeps spreading. We are livinin aage of unprecedented, irreversible decline—or so we’re constantly being told.

Jonathan Tepperman’s The Fix presents a very different picture. The book reveals the often-overlooked success stories, offerina provocative, unconventional take on the answers hidinin plain sight. It identifies ten pervasive and seemingly impossible challenges—including immigration reform, economic stagnation, political gridlock, corruption, and Islamist extremism—and shows that, contrary to the general consensus, each haa solution, and not merely a hypothetical one. In his close analysis of government initiatives as diverse as Brazil’s Bolsa Família program, Indonesia’s campaign against radicalism, Canada’s early embrace of multiculturalism, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to prevent another 9/11, Tepperman isolates the universally applicable measures that can boost and buttress equality, incomes, cooperation, and cohesion in wildly diverse societies. He flips conventional political wisdom on its head, showing, for example, how much the U.S. Congress could learn about compromise and conciliation from its counterpart in Mexico.

Tepperman has traveled the world to write this book, conducting more thaa hundred interviews with the people behinthe policies. Meticulously researched and deeply reported, The Fix presents practicaadvice for problem-solvers of all stripes, and standaa necessary corrective to the hand-wringinand grim prognostication that dominates the news, makina data-driven case for optimism in a time of crushing pessimism.

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