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The Corporation Code of the Philippines: annotated, Volume One

 Format: Print  Author/s: Lopez, Rosario N.  Call Number: KPM956 A31982 L67 1994 V1  Publisher: Integraded Publishing House  Place of Publication: Metro Manila  Date of Publication: 1994  ISBN: 9718637605  Pages: 955  Language: English  Dimension: 24 cm  Tags: Corporation lawCorporation law -- Philippines |
 About the Resource:
This three-volume treatise of Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Rosario N. Lopez on the Corporation Code of the Philippines is a veritable mine of valuable information and knowledge. A result of three years of careful research and writing, this publication contains a detailed study of the corporation as it was conceived in the United States of America and carried over to Philippines soil. The books are all compendium of corporate jurisprudence of the Philippines and the United States of America covering the period from the origination of the corporation to modern times. A significant feature of these writings is the inclusion of SEC opinions which shed light on various problem areas in the Corporation Code as well as P.D. 902-A
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