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Technical analysis for dummies

 Format: Print  Author/s: Rockefeller, Barbara  Call Number: HG4529 R635 2011  Publisher: Wiley  Place of Publication: Hoboken, NJ  Date of Publication: 2011  ISBN: 9780470888001  Pages: 333  Language: English  Dimension: 24 cm  Tags: Investment analysis |
 About the Resource:

A simple, straightforward guide to the fundamentals of technical analysis


Savvy traders have been using technical analysis for over a century. It’s easier than ever with PCs and the internet to use technical analysis to make smarter trading decisions. This hands-on, friendly guide gives you plain-English explanations of everything you need to know to put money in a securities market to astounding results.


  • Open the technical analysis toolbox — get a clear overview of what technical analysis is and how it lets you observe prices in a new way to make trading decisions
  • Get in the technical mind frame — discover how to select indicators that match your personality and preference for risk, and get to know the types of profit and loss outcomes typical to each
  • Set the bar — understand how to observe price bars and small patterns to earn cold, hard cash
  • Be trendy — use indicators to identify whether your price is trending, the strength of the trend is at a reversal
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