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Investment mistakes even smart investors make and how to avoid them

 Format: Print  Author/s: Swedroe, Larry E.; Balaban, RC  Call Number: HG4521 S898 2012  Publisher: McGraw-Hill  Place of Publication: New York  Date of Publication: 2012  ISBN: 9780071786829  Pages: 295  Language: English  Dimension: 24 cm  Tags: Investment analysisInvestmentsInvestments -- Psychological aspects |
 About the Resource:

Even the most experienced investors in the world can screw up―and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Whether you’re an old pro with a well-designed portfolio or a newbie investor just starting out, bestselling author Larry Swedroe with RC Balaban can show you how to “live and learn” from others’ mistakes―and invest in good times and bad.


By answering the key questions every investor should ask, you’ll learn how to avoid:

Mistake #1: Feeling too confident in your investing skills
Mistake #6: Allowing yourself to be swayed by popular opinion
Mistake #11: Holding on to assets because of the price you paid
Mistake #15: Letting friendships influence your choice of advisors
Mistake #31: Expecting miracles from hedge fund managers
Mistake #48: Confusing speculation with investing
Mistake #60: Underestimating the number of stocks you need to diversify
Mistake #71: Forgetting that you can be too conservative
Mistake #77: Repeating the same mistake


Be warned: This groundbreaking guide will shatter the myths about money you’ve come to accept and challenge the conventional wisdom you’ve received from friends, advisors, and other “experts.”


By exposing these all-too-common mistakes, one by one, you’ll be able to rethink your strategy and reinvest in your future with confidence. You’ll discover the truth about misleading demographics, “high-return” investments, active managers, and other resources you should―or shouldn’t―trust.


You’ll learn the actual devastating effect taxes can have on your returns if you use the wrong strategy. You’ll learn the wrong way and the right way to build your portfolio, diversify your accounts, and plan for your family’s future. Most important, this book will show you how to avoid making the investment mistakes you used to make and how to give yourself the best chance of achieving your financial goals.


Filled with insider insight, need-to-know advice, and revealing case studies, this is the one book smart investors can learn from―and even smarter investors can invest in.

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