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Great people make people feel great : when managers step up and become leaders

 Format: Print  Author/s: Holah, Stuart; Webster, Adrian  Call Number: HD57.7 .H65 2023  Publisher: Capstone  Date of Publication: 2023  ISBN: 9780857089533  Pages: 207  Language: English  Dimension: 22 cm  Tags: Executive abilityLeadershipManagement |
 About the Resource:

“If you want to grow, start by making other people feel taller.”

In Great People Make People Feel Great: How Leaders Elevate Teams With Cloud Nine Thinking, accomplished management coach and business veteran Adrian Webster and Stuart Holah set out an inspiring and practical collection of insights into how to unlock the full potential of yourself, colleagues, team members and collaborators. You’ll learn to elevate your workplace by shifting assumptions, and choosing new perspectives which generate better outcomes for managers, team members and entire businesses. You’ll discover the culture shift that’s possible when you give people permission to bring their undiluted selves to work and inspire them to get more out of themselves than they thought possible.

The book will show you how to:

  • Find clarity of meaning by simplifying goals and strategies so you focus on what’s most important
  • Build effective teams and foster collaboration by understanding how to motivate people with diverse skills and strengths
  • Celebrate failure for its rich learning opportunities, as well as building on the lessons of success
  • Recognize the power of incremental small changes that add up to powerful transformations

An essential handbook for leaders or would-be leaders in any size of organisation, Great People Make People Feel Great will benefit entrepreneurs and founders, as well as senior leadership and board members in established businesses. Each chapter takes a familiar aspect of leadership and examines it from a new angle to show that when we are prepared to ask why we often think and react automatically in certain situations, we can learn to ‘re-programme’ our thinking and consciously adopt more effective strategies.

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