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Global mind change : the promise of the 21st century

 Format: Print  Author/s: Harman, Willis  Call Number: HM101 H28 1998  Publisher: Institute of Noetic Sciences; Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.  Place of Publication: San Francisco, CA  Date of Publication: 1998  ISBN: 1576750299  Pages: 208  Language: English  Dimension: 23 cm  Tags: Attitude changeSocial changeSocial science -- General |
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The factors and forces to bring about a global mind change are already in motion.

Throughout history, the really fundamental changes in societies have come about not from dictates of government and the results of battles but through vast numbers of people changing their minds– sometimes only a little bit.

Some of these changes have amounted to profound transformations–for instance the transition from the Roman Empire to Medieval Europe, or from the Middle Ages to modern times. Others have been more specific, such as the constitution of democratic governments in England and America, or the termination of slavery as an accepted institution. In latter cases, it is largely a matter of people recalling that no matter how powerful the economic or political or even military institution it persists because it has legitimacy, and that legitimacy comes from perceptions of people. People give legitimacy and they can take it away. A challenge to legitimacy is probably the most powerful force for change to be found in history.

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