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Dogbert’s top secret management handbook

 Format: Print  Author/s: Adams, Scott, 1957-  Call Number: HF5549.12 .A3 1996  Publisher: HarperBusiness  Place of Publication: New York  Date of Publication: 1996  ISBN: 0887307884  Language: English  Dimension: 22 cm  Tags: Executives -- Caricatures and cartoonsExecutives -- HumorPersonnel management -- Caricatures and cartoonsPersonnel management -- HumorSupervision of employees -- Caricatures and cartoonsSupervision of employees -- Humor |
 About the Resource:
Behind the closed doors of corporate management lurks a manifesto so devious, so insidious, and of such diabolic power, it has the ability to transform normal human beings into paradigm–spewing zombies. Its purpose: to help bosses stick it to their employees. Its author: none other than Dogbert, the canine corporate consultant out to rule the world.

All too often, new managers make mistakes such as rewarding good work with good pay, communicating clearly and improving departmental efficiency. Dogbert shows that this could have devastating consequences: Employees begin to expect fair treatment and compensation, productive workers show results (making managers look bad by comparison), and the department’s future budget allotment could be decreased because it spends only what it needs.

Drawing from his years of experience tormenting Dilbert and advising his boss, our Machiavellian mutt uses pithy essays, illustrated by scores of comic strips, to teach neophyte managers such potent practices as:

1. The power of verbal instructions: Sound like a boss while maintaining complete deniability!
2. Empty promises of promotion: all the motivational benefits, none of the costs!
3. Pretending to care: Learn how to hear without listening!
4. Incentives: Inspire employees by giving them worthless knickknacks!

Once again firmly establishing Scott Adams as the spokesman for the absurdities of the workplace (and Dogbert as the guru of sticking it to the masses), Dogbert’s Top Secret Management Handbook is the perfect gift for all cubicle dwellers and their bosses.
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