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Difficult personalities : a practical guide to managing the hurtful behavior of others (and maybe your own)

 Format: Print  Author/s: McGrath, Helen and Edwards, Hazel  Call Number: BF637 .I48 M425 2010  Publisher: The Experiment  Place of Publication: New York  Date of Publication: 2010  ISBN: 9781615190133  Pages: 285  Language: English  Dimension: 20 cm  Tags: Behavior modificationCommunication -- Social aspectsInterpersonal conflictInterpersonal relationsReasoningSocial interaction |
 About the Resource:
We all have people in our lives who frustrate, annoy, or hurt us: workplace bullies, those who always claim to be right, or those with anxious or obsessive personalities. And most of us hurt others occasionally, too. Now, authors Dr. Helen McGrath, a clinical psychologist and professor, and Hazel Edwards, a professional writer, offer this highly readable, extremely practical guide to dealing with the difficult personalities we encounter every day―in others, and in ourselves.

Taking the American Psychiatric Association’s widely used Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) as its starting point, Difficult Personalities helpfully outlines over a dozen different personality traits and types, detailing their common characteristics and underlying motivations. It also equips readers with numerous strategies for dealing with difficult behavior, including:

Anger and conflict management
• Optimism and assertion training
• Rational and empathic thinking
• Reexamining your own personality.

Readers will also benefit from sections on making difficult decisions and maintaining romantic relationships. Perfect for anyone who has ever wished that other people came with a handbook, Difficult Personalities illuminates the personality differences that so often serve as barriers to cooperation in the workplace and harmony at home.
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