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Business models for teams : see how your organization really works and how each person fits in

 Format: Print  Author/s: Clark, Tim; Hazen, Bruce  Call Number: HD58.9 .C624 2017  Publisher: Portfolio/Penguin  Place of Publication: New York  Date of Publication: 2017  ISBN: 9780735213357  Pages: 255  Language: English  Dimension: 20 cm  Tags: ManagementOrganizational effectivenessTeams in the workplace |
 About the Resource:
This book will do for teamwork what the cult classic Business Model Generation did for strategy.

In 2010, Tim Clark helped create Business Model Generation, a groundbreaking global bestseller on how enterprises deliver value customers. In 2012, Clark and partner Bruce Hazen followed up with Business Model You, pioneering the personal business model technique for individuals. In their new book, Clark and Hazen turn this sights on teams, showing managers how much better their enterprises function when individuals and teams know their role in creating value for customers. Even great leaders face management problems every day. Do we have the right people in the right seats? How do they know what is a priority? Are we making it clear to everyone – across meetings, reports, and projects – how the enterprise creates value, and how each team member fits in?

Through case studies, brief exercises and easy-to-follow visuals, Clark and Hazen show how leaders of any group, regardless of size, can help people work independently and passionately toward shared goals without excessive turnover, training, or culture building exercises. While any leader will benefit from Business Model For Teams, it is the ideal book for those confronting big market changes or overseeing new groups of colleagues.
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