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The Electronic Board
Category: Beginner Posted on: September 17, 2011 by: pseacademy_administrator Comments: 0 Attachments: 0

The Electronic Board, the center of attraction inside the trading floor of the Exchange, displays all current stock prices, volume, and other relevant information. All prices shown on the electronic board are intraday values.

At present, the PSE maintains two trading floors—one in Pasig City and another in its head office in Makati City.  Under the "one-price, one-market" system, the electronic boards in these two t
rading floors display identical trading transactions.

So what do the numbers and columns on the board mean? Though most are easily understandable, some may be confusing for a stock market newbie.

Here is a review of the common numbers in the stock quotes and what they mean.

How to read the ELECTRONIC BOARD?












NAME – displays the stock symbol of the listed company

OPEN – displays the opening price of the stock for the day

BID – displays the highest buying price in the market

ASK – displays the lowest selling price in the market

HIGH – displays the highest price traded for the period

LOW – displays the lowest price traded for the period

CLOSE – displays the closing price of the trading day

L/T – or last traded price refers to the price at which the stock was last traded; also referred to as the current market value of the stock

VOL – or volume refers to the total number of stocks transacted in the stock market during a given period of time







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