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Ways to Post an Order
Category: Beginner Posted on: September 17, 2011 by: pseacademy_administrator Comments: 1 Attachments: 0

How can I post a buy or sell order?

Placing an order to buy or sell stocks to your stockbroker can be done in three ways: over the phone (call or text message), online, and face-to-face (walk-in).

•    Over the phone (call or text message)

The most traditional way to post a buy or sell order is by making a telephone call to your stockbroker and get firsthand advice from him.

You may also post orders through text messaging, which may be arranged with a trader of a full service stockbrokerage house. Note that there are certain risks involved including the possibility of your order not being received on time and accurately, or not being received at all by the trader.

•    Online

Investors with online trading accounts post their buy or sell order via the Internet using the online trading platform of an online stockbroker. With a few simple clicks, you may buy or sell stocks without the need to speak to your stockbroker. Online trading allows faster posting of orders and settlement at a lower commission rate. 

•    Face-to-face (walk-in)

Some stockbrokers have their own investors’ trading lounges where you can monitor stock price fluctuations through viewing facilities and at the same time, personally post a buy or sell order through a trader.

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