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What are STOCKS?
Category: Beginner Posted on: September 17, 2011 by: pseacademy_administrator Comments: 1 Attachments: 0


Stocks are shares of ownership in a company. When you buy stocks of a publicly listed company, you become a stockholder or shareholder of a company. In other words, you become a part-owner of that company.

As a part-owner, you participate in the compa
ny’s growth and future profits. Conversely, you may also lose if the company suffers a loss or performs below market expectations.

The number of stocks you acquire will determine how big or small your ownership is. As you acquire more stocks, your ownership stake in the company becomes greater.

Other terms for stocks are “shares” or “equities”.

In Filipino, stocks are called “sapi”, whic
h means to “join” or to “partake”.







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